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Music Review: Sorry I'm Late — BUJU

Author • Chuwkuemeka Chimeremeze


This will be a very unusual review, I promise you that I will avoid poly-syllabic highfalutin words (ouch! okay excuse these ones) and stories that touch. 

BUJU's songs, even ones he's featured on, always conjures up a deep blue or pastel pink vintage convertible (think old GTA). His voice bouncing and sitting strong, powerful hydraulics  on the beat. His storytelling is as smooth as a drive through a pristine highway in Windhoek. 

BUJU (beauty underneath, just understood. Sir what do you mean by this???) is on the telephone looking at his watch, how we thought old Nollywood big men did. Sorry I'm Late is definitely not an apology. He is smug, there's nothing you can do!

And he's earned that.

Sorry I'm Late by buju


To the business of the day, let's test each song with the highest standards of musical excellence — The Paw-Paw test!

1. Daniel Benson: The juju in this is overflowing. It is an introduction, self-adulation, a warning (he can't be stopped) and affirmations with a sprinkling of incantations. This is a song for daily affirmations. Everything here is on fire. This is how to make an opening statement. 

This jam aces the Paw-Paw test. No questions. Just look at that. 

2. Never Stopped: BUJU continues his story and sprinkles in a few middle fingers for haters, also reminding us of the grind. Telling us that is 2baba & Burna Boy, Khalid & Frank Ocean all in one, lai se chemistry experiment. This song is motivation for daily 2k. 

It passes the Paw-Paw test, especially that sweet bridge. Para para, who say BUJU no fit sing, tell the...

3. Kilometre: Could be a club banger. You can do small legwork here. Or use it to harass your neighbour owing you money. 

Funny how this song isn't that good, it passes the Paw-Paw tho, just barely because of the beat


4. Something Sweet: Slow melodic good vibes jam. Is he toasting a babe? Or is he negotiating with her: "Do me nice, I go do you proper?" No problem. Very sweet song. 

Passes the Paw-Paw test in flying colours.

5. Ogechukwu (feat. The Cavemen): The surprise of this project. A thanksgiving song of sorts. Very simple, too simple in fact, the Cavemen could have done more but a good jam nonetheless. 

After much struggle, it passes the Paw-Paw test.


6. For Here: Is BUJU still on that girl's matter from "Something different?" She said no to him? Maybe that's what he's talking about here. 

Does it pass the Paw-Paw test tho? Yes it does, comfortably

7. I Do: A stripped down record, drums, voice and very little else. An excellent combo. Classic R&B jam with deep lyrics. BUJU is reflecting here. 

It pass the Paw-Paw test easily. Yes! Yes!

This a good body of work and a solid attempt to consolidate what BUJU has done so far. Looking forward to more bangers from him.

Music Review: Sorry I'm Late — BUJU

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