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Happy Anniversary, Readersketch

Author • TheDarkEmpress | Rachael_Barbara


In celebration of Readersketch's 1st Year Anniversary on 1st of December, 2021.

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'Readersketch'.... a name that brings comfort to the broken writer.

'Readersketch'.... a name that offers solace to the homeless writer.

A year of flight, a year of light,

a year of awesome days and nights.

A home of words, a home of art,

a home to written works of art.

A mother true, a mother brave,

the sole support that writers crave.

She walks with you, when days turn blue,

a solid voice for writer's true.

The journeys walked with Readersketch,

that fame you seek it'll one day fetch.

Happy 1st year anniversary to readersketch. A poem composed by Rachael_Barbara

Happy Anniversary, Readersketch

© 2021 TheDarkEmpress | Rachael_Barbara. All Rights Reserved




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