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A Little Something

Author Desire Okhilua

Suddenly, I began to look at Fred differently. There was an eminent glow in his eyes I started noticing. His smiles became more appealing. His annoying ways were morphing into a cute demeanour, and when he hugged me or held my hands my blood ran cold. I shouldn't be feeling this way, but I am, and I don't know why.
Ever since the night my retard of a boyfriend, Carl, beat me and threw me out of his house, Fred, my best friend, who immediately answered my call and came to my rescue began to look different. I remember growing up with Fred; the plays, the naked baths. It all seems to have come and gone too soon. I was Bonnie and he was Clyde, but we were never romantically inclined.

Now, a little something had started sowing a seed in my heart. I blushed instead of punching or ignoring him when he complimented me. I had heart skips whenever I saw him coming from afar. His frame had also changed. He worked out five times a week. The skinny kid I knew growing up was nowhere to be found.
But I never came out to him with my feelings. Maybe tonight, I would do so. I got ready with a twenty-five minutes bath, sprayed my expensive scent oil, wore the nice dress and shoes I got from a vendor on Instagram, had my hair crawling to my shoulders, and my face beat was on 'fleek.'

The uber arrived soon and within twenty minutes, I was at Fred's door front. My heart in my mouth and head above the clouds. "I do this today," I told myself. Fred and I had no boundaries, so I let myself in with the spear key I had. I walked in briskly. In an instance, I heard moans and for some reason, I thought they came from the TV in his room. I became hesitant to walk but summoned my inner woman to help me get what I came for. I got to his door and opened it with courage but that same courage turned to disappointment when I saw a naked Fred on all fours on the bed with my elder brother all gallant and erect behind him.

A Little Something

[Ed. • Matthew Olapade]
© 2021. Desire Okhilua. All Rights Reserved

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