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Author • Jannet_b

My heart began a marathon race, no one knows its finishing point.
I felt chills from my bone marrow down to every part of my joint.
My soul could escape from my mouth just by yawning.
He stopped whatever crap he was performing and whispered good morning.
The way his tongue touches every nook and cranny of my skin takes me to hell and back.
Chioma and Tope aren't equivalent to one of your knacks
Oh, Salami baby! I blushed infuriatingly
We were both naked in his office, lying on the cold tiles staring lustfully into each other's eyes.

He was my boss, insanely wealthy!
Executing him was the only way I could show my animosity!
I got promoted millions of times, I worship him like a deity.
He got addicted, couldn't stop the lovemaking. 
The way he dealt with me was heartbreaking 
I despised his big tummy, his rotten teeth and whenever we kissed, he pours saliva into my mouth.
I did all of these for clout!
I wasn't even in love with that grotesque humanoid.
And take that back magistrate I'm not paranoid.

He earned a 6ft apartment
And I ended my life imprisonment
Here is my anecdote.
Anytime I narrate this, I find myself afloat.


© 2021. Jannet_b. All Rights Reserved.

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