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The only person who took all of it without uttering a single word or complaining. The only friend who never made me feel like I was unnecessarily emotional. With you, I could always be vulnerable and not feel the need to be anything else. With you, I found a patient friend and confidant. Those lonely nights when I came to you and you embraced me was the best of all. Your skin was so soft and tender that I always thought of you even when I am out of the house. I always wanted to return to you just to hold you and give you the biggest hug. With you, I found the best of friends and companion. I can never forget the softness of your skin. We spent over a decade together and I never felt the need to change you because I was so connected and attached to you. The past eleven years with you has been nothing less than awesome.

I really do miss you here and it is so unfortunate that we might never get to see again. We might never get to recreate those beautiful memories anymore. The recent events of life has rendered me handicapped and it is so unfortunate. I will hold unto all the beautiful memories I have of you. I wish I could hold unto you forever but that would be really selfish of me. I wish you were here in school with me so we could talk about all the things we used to talk about. The one here is really hard and would not even yield not to talk of taking my tears. It creates pain for me and I cannot complain.

In as much as it is hard letting go, I have to. I release to another; show them how loyal you can be. I am counting on you to give whoever comes to you your best and nothing else. Show them the good stuff you are made of. Emit no negativity but love and comfort them and whenever you feel tired, take rest and always remember that I love you specially. If I ever get to come back which I am likely not to; I will hold you lovingly and tell you everything.



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  1. This is so interesting to read. I enjoyed it through and through.

  2. This is great. Keep it up. Hoping to see more of this , darling.

  3. This is great. Keep it up. Hoping to see more of this , darling.


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