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"There might be love; but not compatibility.

When there is life, there are opportunities for love. Love is pure and beautiful. Love is the strongest of all because it makes even the strong weak and the weak strong. Love gives wings and strength to fly. It is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection, making you want to push forward and shine.

Love can be defined and also, undefined. True love is picking the same person over and over again. Love makes you accept different unpleasant situations with the hope of changing things even in invisible circumstances. It flows from the heart, more of the heart than the mind but yeah, what does crush seems like.
Crush, the greatest of all, Similoluwa Ifedayo
Crush is the temporary feeling that comes with strong passion that people mostly mistake for love. Love comes with sacrifices but the deep truth is that when there is no love, there are only sacrifices. Love makes you stand by their sides, face the world, fight the tears and never give up. You really don't want to let go when in love instead you strengthen the grip. Love and trust are like birds and they fly together.
Forgiveness is also a virtue that cannot be ignored. Forgiveness is one of the most important virtue in a relationship. Quarrels, misunderstandings, arguments would occur in a relationship but forgiveness is needed to maintain the relationship and keep it going. Love is a very beautiful feeling and also very important for everyone to experience. Love births growth. For love to be experienced, acceptance is needed. 

Some people say that love is blind but I feel that love gives sight. Love has different stages and levels but only the willing scale through the levels. "There might be love but not compatibility". Love accepts all things. It doesn't mind religion, tribe, status, class, country etc. The compatibility in love is under consideration. Compatibility is very essential but it is not really focused on. One might be in love but not compatible. In the cases of genotype, two lovers might not be compatible hence the relationship cannot be successful for the benefit of the children that can be given birth to.
Compatibility doesn't only have to do with genotype. You can be in love with someone and still not be compatible for a relationship. Some people consider zodiac signs before getting into a relationship which is understandable. Compatibility has to do with one's mental health also, one can be emotional attracted to a person but not mentally attracted. Though some people break religious barriers and tribe boundaries for love but not everyone can scale through the circumstances that comes with.

Compatibility comes with a lot of things and one can have his or her compatibility criteria. Love is a breaker of boundaries and a changer of views, inspite of this, compatibility shouldn't be ignored. Love is the greatest of all.


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  1. I could say the writer too her time to bring down to our knowledge the real meaning of love .... My favorite part was when she said ....""one can be emotional attracted to a person but not mentally attracted""".kudos to the writer....

  2. Kudos, maami. One love.
    It's inspiring.


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