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Think, Not Worry!

Author  The Osmosis~

With roughness of the cloud
staring me in the face like a keen little baby
Contrived was an idea which will soon be born.
At times, it did melt me as a blast furnace melts the clanging metals.
It was an idea which will soon be born.
Sometimes, it did soothe me as the artesian water from the equatorial.
Oh! What an idea it must be
But it will soon be born.
Other times, it led me through dark alleys
With no hope of light at sight
And yet it will be born as my heart was made to believe.
So, early did I wait
But I realized I'd been overthinking
I'd been a-worrying
Think, but don't go a-worrying.

Think, Not Worry!

© 2021 The Osmosis~ . All Rights Reserved

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