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The Sea's Vow

Author Damilola_________________________

The wind blew by in soft whispers
And the moon even appeared bigger.
The sea yelled in torrents, 
The sand by the sea was quite absolvent.
The stars blinked brightly,
It bowed to the moon politely.
“Yes, you have something to say, sea?”, the moon asked.
In anger, the sea’s eyes flashed.
“These humans have no respect for me!”, the sea gnashed.
“Here we go again”, the trees cried.
The sea heard the jab, but let it slide.
“I’m listening”, the moon sighed.
“They threw dirt in her again”, the clouds supplied.
“Exactly”, the sea replies.
“What do you wanna do now?”
“I’m going to teach them a lesson”, the sea vow.
The moon raised his brow.
“And I’m gonna teach them now”.

The sea,moon, stars and tree, a poem by Damilola

The Sea’s Vow

© 2021 Damilola. All Rights Reserved

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