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The Meaning of Home

Author  Doyin Ajayi

With a smile as big as Texas,
An apparition of Venus,
Breathy words calming grated nerves,
Welcoming arms warding off fears,
Loving eyes full of adoration,
"Welcome home, my love," she croons.

Bubbly young hearts,
Doyin II and Doyin III,
Laughing eyes twinkling with mischief,
Tender joyous hearts filled with love,
Gleeful shrieks of happiness,
"Daddy's home!" they scream.

Furry faithful friend,
Short barks, yips and yaps,
Nipping at feet, licking at hands,
Nifty feet and wagging tail,
Caesar's own welcome,
"Any treat for me?" he asks.

The Meaning of Home

© 2021 Doyin Ajayi. All Rights Reserved

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