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The Market Downtown


On my way to the market downtown
The only music I heard was the melodic sound of nature.
As I passed through the forest,
Then I got to the road that lead to the market
Where I saw a lot of people going about their daily business;
There were sellers and buyers at the market
Both market women and men.

Then out of the blue 
A child fell from its mother's back
Causing commotion to break out at the marketplace.
They all blamed the mother
Saying she was very careless with her child;
News had reach the father's child,
He then came running to the market
Ready to beat the mother black and blue.

All of a sudden,
A bicycle rider carrying clothes lost his brake
And ran into the father's child
That was when the market people started running
Helter-skelter trying to save both the rider and the father
But to no avail.

The deed had been done.
The mother's child broke out in heavy wails,
Crying and shouting about the unfairness of life
Loosing both father and child on the same day.
By then,
A huge crowd had gathered,
Looking at the scene that just broke out

The mother of the child then remembered
That she had been told by the high priest
Not to come out on this day
But she had to go to the market
To buy the annual ceremonial cloth for her club.
Then she began saying,
She wish she had listened to the high priest.

I then turned around
To leave the market downtown
Following the path through the forest
To return to my home,
Tomorrow is another day at the market downtown.


The Market Downtown

LILKIRA. All Rights Reserved

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