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The Best of Me

Author Danny

My heads are above the cloud and I have all it takes to love you.
I have the best kind of love and happiness you deserve.
But... will the cloud accept us?

How do you want to talk to the rain to bless us,
When your heart has been filled with guilt and hate?
How do we talk to the sun, not to kill us.
I had love.
But all I want is for the best you deserve to be me. 

I walked through drakness 
In hope for light. 
I have walked through the water,
And prayed I don't get swallowed. 
I passed through fire just for you.
I wished the best of me was you. 

Make my heart as beautiful as the blue sea I walked through. 
Make my face gaze more than that of the sun. 
Make my heart to burn. 
Because all I desired was you. 

You saw the best in me 
When others saw the worst in me,
The world couldn't behold me.
I was like trash,
Never knew I could be the best. 
But my best isn't enough without you.

The Best of Me

© 2021 Danny. All Rights Reserved

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