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Swords Without, Terror Within and Jesus Calling

Author  The Osmosis~

The people who live in darkness have seen a great light
The people who dwells in terrors have seen a great peace
Swords without, terror within, yet Jesus calls
I heard my sister say, "Why are all these things happening to me?
Why can't I break free from this youthful lusts?
Who shall help me from this evil friends?
How did I find myself in this messy company?
How did I get here?
How? What am I doing here?
How ? When did I arrive here?
I was just on my verandah having a pictorial view of my environ
Taking a sip of my favourite cup of wine
And then I saw this young lady, rotund and pleasant to behold
I tried hard to not look
Lo, I did not only look but also peeped
I peeped in to the dangerous corners of hell
I desired the voluptuous meal of demons
With reckless unconcern for my glorious dream
And my heart began to wander far
Far beyond the reach of his grace
Or perhaps I'd lost the Father's touch
I stepped in to a world I never wanted
Because it was not I, my spirit, that desired
but this little but crying flesh
It cried so loud that I was overwhelmed
I took with me my soul and spirit as well
I enjoyed the train of momentary pleasure
I even lusted after women of untold folly
My cravings for gold and success was beyond high
Oh how I did I get here?
Just how on earth did I get here
I who was bought with a price
A price no man can pay
I, who was once in my Father's arms
With yearnings for my righteous love
With longings for an eternal pleasure
Oh how did I leave His right arm and miss His forever pleasure
Just how did I get here?

What brought me here?
Where swords are without and terrors within
I became a shadow of myself with edges rough and future evanescent
And right there in the midst of my forlorn state
In the midst of my despair I remembered that I once received a word
The word of assurance which is now fragmented and broken
I put the broken pieces together and I did read
The fragmented lines read, "the name of the Lord is a s t r o n g tower,
The righteous run in to it and are saved"
And I guard up my loins, tried to rise on my feeble feet
With my legs fainting still
Alas, I heard a faint call
A call not loud enough to wake an ant
Or perhaps I was too far away to hear
Or perhaps I was too deep beneath
But the voice would give up no soon
It kept calling and calling
Faint yet with powers untold
So powerful that my strength came back to me
And I was lifted up on my feet
To see who was speaking to me
And I looked to see he who bears the voice
His appearance was more terrifying than lightning
But yet comely to behold
His helmet has written on it my name I considered forlorn
His face which so glorious that I could not behold
Was more cherubic than the prettiest fabric of anything
He was not of this world
And suddenly my countenance did light up
That even in my state of nothingness I leapt for joy
He brought me back to a strong Tower
He washed me in the river I never knew
So much that I became as white as snow
So much that I became as sharp as a piercing sword
So much that I became a warrior of the secret places
So much that I became dead to my killer desires
Oh he did all these at the Potter's house
Whose house surprisingly is not of clay but of Gold and Fire purifying
And I could not hold this glory within
So I ran far and wide telling of his magnanimity
And I could see my feeble and dusty feet receive beauty

From the propagation of this one message
From the witnessing of this one experience
And up I rise with strength I reckon not from me
And many were brought to this same Tower
This same Tower
And I will do this one thing with much life
With much spirit and calmness
Until he smiles to me

"Welcome home"


Swords Without, Terror Within and Jesus Calling

© 2021. The Osmosis~. All Rights Reserved

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