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Queen Dynasty πŸ’œ


They said love comes with a first impression. 
I dare to say I have one.
I have an impression,
We could be good without restriction. 
Like free birds singing freely. 
So shall my heart be for you. 

I'm royalty
And I love to have caban. 
Yeah! I love sweetness. 
I love, love. 
I love how you love dammy.
I love how you exhibit your royal standard. 

Girls with symbol πŸ’œ
Are real gang. 
I love how you love God. 
To love dammy.
Thank you for not letting down the queen standard. 

You're a queen. 
You're treasure. 
You're bold. 
Lioness on our knee. 
You bring peace in pure form. 
Love at its peak. 

You're gold. 
I'm happy you're with me in this phase of life. 
I'm happy the three of us are still here together. 
Thank you buddy. 

Live the queen life. 
It's all yours. 
Queen dynasty

Queen Dynasty πŸ’œ

 © 2021 Danny πŸ’œ. All Rights Reserved

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