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Author  Akinboade Elijah

Omowunmi, I still remember them all.
Your voice which nightingale wish to have,
How your voice is what soothes my ears.
I can still remember it.

Omowunmi that smile which baby envies I can't delete the memory.
They become part of what I do think about.
Wishing one day I can see the smile again.
I wish you are smiling reading this.

Omowunmi the brightness of your eyes which the sun bow to lighting up my world.
The intensity of those brightness is enough for me.
I can still remember how the windows of paradise are widely open there.

Omowunmi let me tell you this, the softness of your cheeks which I do love to caress do give my heart joy,
I can still remember how your cheeks is my playing ground.

Your hair when playing with it seems fair to me.
What memory spent with you can I forget no matter how short it might be?
We remember people not for the years we spent with them
But how they actually make us feel when they are around us.

The tinkle we both do laugh at.
Tho' we might be wired differently,
Tho' we might not feel the same about the short time spent together.
But trust me I do remember everything every second spent with you.
And I just smile wishing I can turn back the hands of time or forward the time to when I can see your beautiful face again.



© 2021 EliAk. All Rights Reserved

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