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Obi And The Beast

Author Soyege Michael


It was around 11:30 on a Wednesday night. Like a thief in the night, Obi had successfully snuck into the house through the front door. It was way past his curfew so he tried his best not to wake up the entire house. Boy! He was stealth.

He had not intended to arrive home this late but it was an El Clasico night. Messi had successfully turned Santiago Bernabeu to a monkey post. Glad he didn’t stay at home to watch Zee World, missing Messi's magic would have been devastating. He tiptoed into his room and laid on his bed to sleep. The power supply was out, NEPA was being NEPA as usual. As he closed his eyes to sleep, his stomach grumbled, pangs of hunger stung him as a reminder that he was yet to eat dinner.

Obi made his way to the kitchen. “There must be some food left in the pot” he thought. He walked gently to the kitchen. He felt like he was a ninja. Obi was good at sneaking into the kitchen, he had done it many times before: The times he wanted a night snack, the times’ he had quarreled with his mum and declared a hunger strike, the times that there was a compulsory fast. The kitchen was dark, so he turned on his phone torch as he carefully opened the pot on the gas cooker. Spaghetti and chicken. He dipped his hands into the pot and stuffed his mouth with spaghetti. He was too hungry to chew, so he swallowed, and then he got choked. Obi held his chest in pain trying his best not to make any agony sound. He was palpitating. He crawled his way to the fridge holding his chest, still trying not to make any noise. He took out a sachet of water and finished it in seconds. He stood up and sighed with relief.

While all this was happening, a beast lurked in the dark. A creature more feared than the Lochness monster, anyone who was successful in killing one of its kind held such skill equivalent to killing the Kraken. The beast was small, it was barely five inches in size, yet it had the charisma of an elephant. It had felt Obi's presence with its antennas and had observed him all through the choking episode with killer instincts, waiting for the right time to attack.

The beast made its move, it spread its wings and flew straight for him, going straight for the kill. It was vicious. The beast pounced on Obi's neck like a skilled predator. He felt something on his neck, but he thought it was a mosquito, or a fly attracted to the torch of his phone. But it was not a fly neither was it a mosquito. He tried to swat his hands absentmindedly, trying to get a plate. The beast moved from Obi’s neck to the middle of his head. Immediately, all of Obi’s senses became alert. He swatted his even harder. His phone fell to the ground, but Obi didn’t care about his phone screen he cared about his safety. The beast fell to the ground. Standing strut on the floor was the beast.

A cockroach… a very big cockroach.

Obi had to act fast, the cockroach was about to fly. Warrior instincts kicked in.


Obi had stepped on the cockroach, thankfully he was wearing flip flops. But it was far from over, the cockroach shook and turned. It was about to fly again. Another thump. Obi stepped on it even harder. The cockroach was dead. Dead dead. Its guts spilled out. Obi proceeded to serve himself spaghetti, this time with a spoon. He picked up his phone, the screen was still intact. He smiled. As he walked out the kitchen the power supply was restored. The house was still asleep.

He smiled again. 

It was a goodnight.

Obi And The Beast, Soyege Michael

Obi And The Beast

© 2021 Soyege Michael. All Rights Reserved

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