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I learnt from life that love comes in three forms.
Love in smiles, 
Love in hate,
Love in silence.
How come I was allowed to be washed away by my fantasies.
I watched my heart pour out forms of love, like ocean trying to mix with sand. 

Love in smiles,
How the thought of the moon brings out the hidden smiles.
How my soul is full of joy when I'm lost in thought. 
Talking to the unknown. 
How I no longer fear the dark. 
How my heart has gone through the love in smiles. 
What a coat of smiles. 

Love in hate. 
How I will walk the deepest ocean,
And still be left to drown.
After I was assured and reassured. 
Like I was under life support.
Trust has made me blind to reality. 
Where love doesn't matter anymore. 
Actually love comes with hate. 
How come I couldn't find it written. 
Even the gods disagreed. 
Got to check my emotions. 
What do you expect from a broken girl. 

Love in silence. 
Life happens to be interesting when you still walk in the ocean and give less attention, if you would drown. 
How about being mute about it and depend on God.
Life is well spent with being silent,
Living life like a fool yet wise.
Step up the cloud. 
Allow me rain and wash; you're grieved heart away. 
I could be silent. 
But love still lives.

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