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When It May's

Author  Oyeniyi Joshua

May... a month of resilient blooms.

And then, May 1st arrived
On the wings of hope
Before it found it way down here.

The sky has been deepening blue,
And thick
Like the dry dark forest, unsure
It will thrive
As the rain goes on strike.

Even the sun was no longer having its siesta
At the noon of the day.
You could see
Its' fading white print,
Little by little,
Get crushed by the blue.

The blue was stronger,
And fierce, like the wolf!
Vicious like a spider;
A Hitler that never missed,
But spreading spotlessly DARK.

Yet, it was in this moment
That the sower' seed that fell
Under the concrete ground
Saw her spring; broke grounds
And almost like yaaaahhh,
To be the magical tree
That rekindle the light.

When It May's

© 2021. Oyeniyi Joshua. All Rights Reserved.

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