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Author  Bianca Ihua

Dear Rita,

You may not know me very well, but I do know you. I've gone through all your posts on social media, and I must confess they are not bad. But you do not pose as a threat to me at all. The only thing you have that I don't is the man I'm madly in love with. Yes, I love Ejike. Look Rita, let me not beat about the bush. I love Ejike so much. I love him with everything I have. He is my world. He is the man my spirit, body and soul yearn for. Without Ejike, I don't think life is worth living. All I'm asking you is to please leave Ejike for me. I met him first. We were just friends then. And after so many years, we met and fell in love. 

Honestly, your pictures with him make me sick! I am begging you with everything you hold dear, Rita darling, abeg, leave Ejike for me. My life is not complete without him. I'm ready to do anything to make him mine. I am ready to sell all my properties and give you the money. I don't mind giving you my father's inheritance, please just let me have Ejike. I'm begging you in the name of God, don't stop him from talking to me, please. I love this man, and he loves me too. He is only with you because he feels it's his duty to, as your boyfriend. But the fact is that he has found his soulmate, and he wants to be with me. Please, let me have him. I promise to be a good woman to him. I promise to love him with everything I have. I will take the best care of him. I promise you, he won't suffer. He won't lack anything.
How much do you want, my sister? Name your price, please. I've not met anyone like Ejike in my entire life. The way he loves and cares for me is out of this world. My heart tells me he is my soulmate. Please, Rita, please. Just name your price.

The girl struck by Cupid.


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