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My Love

Author  The Osmosis~

Hopefully I will see you 
 when I pass through your little village
Hopefully I will see you
 when my heart shall yet lay aside
Worries of the past and the present
Hopefully I will see you
 You, who have healed my heart
 you, who have seen me as innocent as I can be
who know my weakness and yet make up for it
 with every ounce of sweat and blood in you
Hopefully I will see your golden eyes
I will see your soft little lips
That tell me: tomorrow can be better
Hopefully I will see your rosy cheeks
That assure me that life can still be rosy
Hopefully I will see your perfect rotund surface anatomy
That amplifies the undisputed wittiness of our God
Hopefully I will feel your spotless little body 
with a hug like the Midas touch
And when I do, I will tell your papa
I will also tell your mama 
  that the time is hard at hand
 when two shall become one
And it shall be anon
Where, from here?

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My Love

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