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My Heart


Wanted to start my day all by myself
But how you invaded me is what I can't explain.
I try my best to think.
But I couldn't.
I wish my heart would listen.

I'm not used to giving people my heart.
But what I'm supposed to do.
What would I think at these stage my standard are let down.
I want to remember all I have worked for. 
But see how words fail me.

Love has found it's way to my heart. 
I'm not thinking anymore. 
I wish I had the power to get myself 
Please tell me not to love. 
So I don't get abandoned. 

Tell me how I don't match your standard. 
I will go to my place. 
Let me know how I don't matter to you. 
My heart will be glad. 
Because it's already used to pain. 

I wish you feel what I'm feeling now. 
I wish you have an understanding how pain has taken away my love life. 
I wish I had someone who wants me. 
But seems like no one does. 
What can I do. 
When I have lived life believing it was just career. 
Let my heart to stop beating. 
Love isn't for me at all.

My Heart

© 2021 Danny. All Rights Reserved

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