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In the Arms of Love

Author  Gloria Koya

It was a scary night...                                      
Sweats trickled on my back             
The street was cold as ice                             
The sky, so thick and dark                                                                                     
Fear hit me like a rock                                
As the wind blew fiercely                             
Leaves flew across the empty street           
Like sparrows in a wide field       
Nothing could be seen                                   
In the dim path of the black night               
Even the stars hid behind the sky               
Like a child on his mother’s back

I realized it wasn’t a nightmare                 
When the wind gave me a harsh slap         
I bowed my head in tears                               
Cos’ it was too much for me to bear
But there, on the icy black road                     
The Prince of love appeared             
He looked into my teary eyes                    
With love that healed like fresh balm

He stretched forth his nail-pierced hands   
And gave me the warmest hug ever            
I felt a gentle squeeze in my heart  
And all my worries began to melt... 

Traveling down the channel of my soul,        
I felt the burn of light,                                          
The burn of love                                                    
And the sparkling burn of hope
My little mind wondered  
If such immensity of love was real  
I could barely comprehend                          
How He could even embrace me so.  
How Precious One?                                  
Me - a once lonely one !

In the arms of love

In the Arms of Love

© 2021 Gloria Koya. All Rights Reserved     

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