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Dark Cloud

Author  Danny

The more evil you are the more the world celebrate you.
If sorry can take away all the pain, shame and evil,
The world will be beautiful.
But the world is dark, and cruel and sad.

It leaves with no trace of love.
My heart is painted with black paint.
I tried to wash off pain from my heart.
All I wanted was to see the sky blue again.
How can I be celebrated for evil?
That's the only way I could have friends?

Life was supposed to be easy right.
It was supposed to be free from pain.
Love was all we wanted. 
Happiness our second name. 
But who will clear the cloud?
Who will bring back old memories?
Why has our heart turned to stone?
Could love soften it?

I hate to see the world cruel. 
I was born to bring back the memories of happiness back. 
With this, evil won't be celebrated. 
It would be taken away completely. 
Love will be restored. 
Happiness at our reach. 
Then we will live our lifes with hope.

Dark Cloud

© 2021 Danny 💜. All Rights Reserved

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