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A Place Called Heaven

Author  The Osmosis~

Deep within the recess of my inner man
Deep within the unseen haven in an Afrik man -
There where love and hate struggle
And yet the signory of love bubbles
There where my heart is tamed 
Towards the realization of the goals of brotherhood
That which nations earnestly wait for. 
That which even the ancient longed for
For centuries heretofore
Like the hungry calf for the straw
Like a broken skin for some pour
Like a broken soul for a word
There where exists thousands and thousands of reasons
To love alone with untold yearnings
There where I give no place for schisms and prejudice
And no place for the deep evil resident in souls lost
With an open heart and goals clearcut
That which even angels in all of their profound glory
Consider an even higher overwhelming realm of serenity
The serenity this world has not prepared for
Neither has she envisaged before
It is a place that my father's father told him
Even my mama knew not 
That such an ectopos could become so viable 
Where the moribund inkling shall yet persist.
The inkling that love still dwells
Richly in the dark cobwebbed corners of our heart.
It is a place called Heaven.

A Place Called Heaven

© 2021 the Osmosis~. All Rights Reserved

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