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The Journey

AuthorSimiloluwa Ifedayo

Can my love for you ever fade?
Thou we fight and argue,
My feelings keeps growing stronger -
By chance, or nature's changing course.
Can I ever be separated from you?
Nor lose memories we have together?
As long as I breathe,
I will forever have you in my heart.

Though, the summer would fade,
                the winter would change,
                the weather would change.
Nevertheless my love for you would remain the same.
It will be untouched, unchanged and unmovable.
Instead it would keep glowing and it would yield fruits. 
My undying love for you, my beloved, would never fade nor die.

I love you so much.
I became scared,
Yet you gave me hope to a new life.
I became more worried,
Because I wasn't sure of what destiny had for my life.
You are my joy and my hope.
You are mine and I'm yours.

I'm pouring my heart out to you.
Things might go wrong but we will right it.
All the memories that we have,
I'm going to keep it and protect it with my life.
Everything feels good with you,
Yeah I am sure of that.
I'm out of rhythm but I know that our love is real.
The journey of our love isn't so smooth but I love you.


The Journey

© 2021 Similoluwa Ifedayo. All Rights Reserved

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  1. This is amazing. This author writes special articles everytime

  2. Reading this over and over again. Just wow

  3. The words are been outlined.,. great article ..... Kudos to the writer...

  4. Well done writer. This is a great piece


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