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Author  Akinboade Elijah

Life is full of risks, and living is risky as well. Nothing is so sure in as much time and chances are concerned. Anything can happen to our plans in life at any time in as much we aren’t in full control of everything. There are surely some external forces that can control things beyond our understanding when we don’t expect much, so nothing is fully guaranteed.

Many people are still in the same spot of their life because they refused to take risks due to the fear of what could happen. Thereby, refusing to start the business they wish. Thought of "what if they start and fail" has stopped many from starting a business. They are afraid of taking the risk, so their dreams remain dreams to them without ever coming to reality.

There is no great man in history that didn’t take risks; because they know being great in life is about taking risks in their field, they are not being conquered with fears that come along with taking risks. Thomas Edison took many risks in inventing the electric bulb, and his name can never be forgotten in history. Knowing that he can start over again, he realized there was a sense in taking risks and tried one more time.

Until people conquer the fear of the unknown; that comes from the risk, they won’t be successful in anything they do. Failing and falling are part of life, it is normal to fall but not rising again is what shouldn’t be normal. Just like Thomas Edison, It took him courage and determination to rise after falling. Like a baby that always tries to rise anytime he or she is learning to walk, so must it be with us. If a child takes the risk of trying to walk but falls, and refuses to give it another try because of the fear of falling again he won’t be able to walk for his lifetime.

Many people are still stagnant financially because they are afraid of risking their money into an investment, thinking "what if they lose that money?" So they prefer to play it safe by saving; which isn’t safe financially because of the influence of inflation on money. Some people risked their money but lose their money, since then they gave up on their financial freedom. None of those richest men in the world reached the top without losing out of their money at startup or the peak of their business. They understand that losing is part of business, so they aren’t afraid of taking risks with their money.

When it comes to financial risk, the mistake most people do make is that they don’t do calculated risk or do thorough findings before risking their money. Although anything can happen but taking calculated risk is very crucial, as well as doing many kinds of research before taking a financial risk. Investment is more than just putting money somewhere to make it increase, it requires additional effort. Emotional intelligence is also important because of mental health. How people can control their emotions after losing is very important as well.

Everything in life is risky. That we had no problems with what we are doing doesn't mean some people didn’t encounter problems doing the same thing. That we traveled safely doesn’t mean others will. Likewise, we can’t say because traveling is risky decide to stop traveling. That some people didn’t wake up to life won’t stop us from sleeping. Everything we are doing in life is risky. Knowing that our daily activities aren’t risk-free should reduce our fear of taking risks.

Instead of being afraid of taking risks due to failure, why not be optimistic instead of being pessimistic? Why not imagine a happy ending of what we want to venture into. Imagination is powerful, anything a man imagines has a higher tendency of coming to the reality that is why we must be careful of whatever we imagine every day. We are likely to become what we imagine; it can become our reality.


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