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Author  Danny

I want to love,
I want to sing a song for love
It's for love.
Allow me love you
Let it be a song for love.
I sacrifice for love.
I live for love.

You can also come along. 
You will actually find love. 
Wait and sing a song for love. 
A song for love. 
Let's find love. 

I have looked for love all my life.
I have always wanted to feel honoured. 
But now I know better.
I could as well love myself. 
Love undiluted. 
So pure. 
Without discrimination. 
How I love to love. 

Sometimes I feel it was a waste of time. 
I felt it didn't matter. 
I believed life was all about success. 
Now I know better. 
I just want to sing a song for love. 


© 2021 Danny. All Rights Reserved

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