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 Akinboade Elijah

I know not the path that truly leads to my home,
yet as a baby enjoys breast milk, I shall enjoy this present one.

I know not the place where I shall take care of my broken bones,
yet as earth worm enjoys cold soil, shall I enjoy the sweet pain of my broken ones.

I know not which battle I shall win as the sun wins in the day,
nor the one which shall cause my strength to sink like Titanic,
yet with all my might I shall fight for victory,
then maybe my name will live forever in history.

I know not which day I shall have my reward,
and enjoy the labour I've engaged myself in since childhood,
yet like ants I shall work all day and night.

I know not which love will be with me forever,
yet the one I have, will never be taken for granted.
Day and night, I shall speak of my lover's beauty and her gait,
Which has the power to open my heart gate.

I know not which day I shall journey with that man,
which always find pleasure to destroy plans,
yet my journey in life with life will be full of joy and wealth,
and my hobby will be to appreciate this given breath.


© 2021 Akinboade Elijah. All Rights Reserved

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