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Fun Era

AuthorAdefeyintola Adesegun

My husband said, he doesn't like me -
"Give me back my wife", he said
And I wondered: "who am I?"
Sitting right next to him.
He doesn't love me anymore
For I spoke of oblivion and death.
On my birthday, he gifted me a car
Maybe I should have received it with joy,
But it got ruined with a talk.
So to a psychiatrist, we went.
One who grasps the mind - bade me to open
"What made you this way?" he asked
I replied: "it beckons daily to me.
In my dreams and not clear".
"You need to come to a fun era".

Today was filled with candles and flowers
A beauty to behold,
My husband did his best to fulfil it
The promise he had made to me
I finally attended a funeral
So sweet!
Even the coffin maker was happy with me.
Only I, felt lonely afterwards
When I had to walk the trip,

Fun Era

© 2021 Adefeyintola Adesegun. All Rights Reserved

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