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Dark Night

Author  Danny

Dark night, running down with thought,
Seeking for answers 
But no I find none 
Other than red light 
Giving me the danger sign.
Fear would have come. 
But no I choose to be strengthened .

So I'm made to walk the way.
The lights are red, cars have stopped.
The things I fear, kept at a point.
It's not danger for me... 
it's an order to cross.

It would need courage.
Because here my strength will fail.
All the snare of the night. 
Making me shiver.

Thoughts of them staying still
Knowing they're under control
I feel in the spotlight
Nervous, yet proud.
This strength I've got, is also perplexed

It's joy to know that they're under control. 
It makes no sense allowing emotions to ride over you.

Sometimes we don't even know if we do the right thing. 
But you just have to push!

Who cares if it's good as long as it's right
The idea is to push
Tell me to stop and I'll rebel...
Just to remind you that you didn't mould me from the dust

The maker decides.
His decisions I follow.
The part I have followed all through my life.

Even if I follow it alone. 
If I perish! I perish! .
This process I will pass through.

Dark Night

© 2021 Danny. All Rights Reserved

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