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When next I see a lion I wouldn't run.
The next time, I would give it a hug.
Indeed it is strong. 
Sometimes I wonder how a creature tends to survive.
And I being human sometimes get weary. 
So sad.

The lion is my role model. 
It roar even in weakness:
When there's nothing to keep him going, it still roars. 
Such power is supernatural. 

I ask for strength and confidence of a lion, to be able to keep going. 
How come I still fall. 
My strength failed me. 
Unknown to me the lion didn't tell me its biggest secret. 

He didn't tell me that sometimes it's not always strong. 
It didn't tell me, that each roars it roar is a sign that the supreme has heard him.
He didn't tell me itactually depend on the supreme.
Now I understand why I still failed. 
So painful. 

The same supreme being who is at my disposal. 
The one he loves,
Cares for,
How could I be this blind 
Oh! I have learnt a lesson 
To draw strength too from the supreme.

Do I still love the lion?
Yes! I told myself. 
If a creature should receive from the supreme.
I'm at a good advantage.

Now I can tell you about love,
Now I can preach salvation. 
Because even when I'm swept by the flood, I still find myself kept in a pleasant place. 
Love undiluted!


© 2021 Danny. All Rights Reserved

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