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Author  Akinboade Elijah

If they go with the speed of light,
and we move alongside with a tortoise,
does that mean we will never get there too?

If they are favoured by life,
While we strive with our situation,
does that mean time will never turn table again to another side?

If they find true love, and they hold each other down the street,
rejoicing like knights that won their battle,
does that mean we shall die of being lonely, and never find who will love us and share our dreams with?

If they walk with pride in the best robes around the city today,
does that mean their robes will never become rags tomorrow?
won't we also be clothed beautifully like Joseph?

If they get succuessful before us,
does that mean we shall never be remembered by this life time keeper?
Surely we shall raise our hope high for our own time.


© 2021 Akinboade Elijah. All Rights Reserved

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