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Acne And Me

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Ayut is a 400 level medical student whose future ambition of being a dermatologist had just been shattered by this pustules and papules on her face. She asked herself, "How would I make such a beautifully trusted dermatologist when my face is not a testimony?" Many people are like Ayut who are still battling with overwhelming pimples on their faces. I will not have you ignorant that it is important to understand skin, your skin; and what is good for your skin and what is not. 

A whole lot of people don't know that the forces behind the papules and pustules on their faces have certain link to what kind or nature of food they individuals who are prone to acne can therefore manage their acne well without having to suffer the emotional distress that comes with it. Unfortunately, many people do not care about what they eat at all and so, the cycle continues until the skin becomes rather too scarred for attractiveness. The good news is: it's never too late. If you are privileged to read this article, I will like you to sit back and concentrate on this little piece of writing. 

Acne is the general medical term used to describe the raised skin lesions of varying qualities ranging from pimples to nodules(cystic). One common cause of acne is blockage of hair follicles with sebum(oil) with the superimposed infection by bacteria and associated inflammation. It most commonly occurs in regions of the body with high amount of sebaceous glands. Such regions as the forehead, face, arms and shoulders, chest and upper part of the back. It can be very irritating and emotionally distressing. The risk factors for acne are age(especially among teenagers), familial tendencies(higher risk when both parents have acne), over elaboration of androgen hormones among many others. An increased production of androgen hormones in females in their perimenstraul phase is another risk factor in females. 

So, how do you manage this acne

The management of acne is dependent on its severity. In some individuals, acne tends to disappear with age while in the others, it persists almost throughout life with scarring on the affection regions.

There are medications to reduce the severity or even prevent. When self-care of your acne does not help, it is a pointer to visiting a dermatologist or a paediatric dermatologist before it gets out of control. 

It is also important that you put your kind of food in check. Studies have shown that certain food predisposes an individual to acne. Such food as refined carbohydrates such as bread, cakes, etc. In addition to that, such individuals should avoid consumption of dairy products like milk, yoghurts and the likes. Sugar-sweetened products and refined carbohydrates tend to increase the level of Insulin as they're rapidly absorbed into the blood stream leading to the increased production of androgen stimulated by increased level of Insulin-like growth factor-1.  With increased level of androgen comes increased level of sebum production which ultimately plugs the pores of the hair follicles and predisposes to acne formation. 

It is important that an individual prone to acne should avoid anything that put pressure on their skin, such as helmets, tight facemasks, tight or heavy backpacks, etc. Moreover, when taking a bath, the choice of sponge should be the soft type as hard sponges tend to worsen the situation. It is not true that all individuals with acne get better with medicated soap. In fact, in my years of personal survey, thirty percent of people say, their acne get worse with medicated soap and only gets better when they switch to non- medicated types. Be that as it may, I suggest that whichever soap works for you, stick to it. 

Finally, acne can be reduced to a significant extent when there's reduction in stress levels and the release of stress radicals in the blood. Stress therefore tends to worsen acne. In this case, antioxidants(supplements), fruits and vegetables and other natural proteineous food, are a rescue. 

Acne And Me

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