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 Lukman Opeyemi

I am human
Like every other
But the path I walk
Has made me a demon
I still own a heart though
Part saint, part evil.

Mama is always on her knees
Praying for me never to die
Knowing fully well that I am a killer
You wouldn't blame her though
ABIYAMO tooto.

I kill unwillingly at will
Because the rule is strict
- Kill or get killed
I really don't want to die
But am prepared anyway!

My lover is always Waiting
With the hope that we will tie the knot
As soon as I return
so we can create our replica
and tell them the tales of war

Let them know
there is no special time for fireworks in battlefield
let them know
that I came across Azrael countless times
until I fear him no more
let them know that I didn't fight because I want to
but because I have to

I am only a soldier.


© 2021 Lukman Opeyemi. All Rights Reserved

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