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The GREAT Succor

The Osmosis~

In the midst of danger and peril
In the times of enormous kerfuffle
Let this be your compass of peace;
In the valley of trials and uncertainties
Let this be your guide, ally and aide;
When death and persecution be kindled
And the sons of the world devised slyly
Let this be your guide daily;
When neither desolate nights of oppression
Nor long and meandering dawns of confusion
Would let you leave a sigh of relief.
When you're face with the gravest catch 22
Open your Sword to Psalms 22
When all the forces without be foes
Let Jesus be the mirror of the force within
Let LOVE be your Lamp
Let God be your Guide.

The GREAT Succor

© 2021 ~The Osmosis. All Rights Reserved

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