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Take the Worry


So, I move
Like I've never stood before.
Run, like I was never a toddler,
Who was taught the craft of crawling.
Even walking did not come without aid.

Although I thought I was old enough to think.
Standing up without the skill to walk.
Unknown to me, life just started.

Life, just started.
It started easy
It looked like everything was a joke.
Something, I'd want to do over and over again.

The feeling
not worrying about what to eat, 
wear or use. 
In your heart the supreme being will provide.
 So I rest. 
What an everlasting promise. 
But now I'm old I still function in the grace. 
Testimony indeed. 

He still provides,
The problem is, I'm growing.
In knowledge and responsibilities.
Therefore, I overthink it all.
I forget that ravens do not work for what they eat.

The fear of taking responsibility and not being questioned for what we do. 
Even the world would mock us if we seek deep to find help. 
How I want to sit at the feet, listening to counsel. I'm delighted!

Indeed, Every activity at his feet delights me.
But then duty calls
They call me out of his presence.
Worries lure me away from the real solution

Casting the burden, is so easy to preach, but difficult to carry out the task. 
Honestly, wanting to bear responsibility for two is stress.
Enjoy sanity and have peace.

Sanity would prevail regardless.
When I feel I'm losing it,
I just remember whose I am.
I give away my burdens and carry his yoke.
Believe me, it's way lighter.

You would only find this peace at the masters feet. 
For he promised that he's yoke is easy and he's burden light. 
I would choose peace.

Take the Worry

© 2021 Danny 💜. All Rights Reserved

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