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 • Hannah Oyedele

Last night, my old self came knocking! 
I had retraced my steps.
I had gone through those paths once again. 
I had failed me. 

Last night my old self came knocking!
I never knew what to do,
Should I open up or keep it locked away:
It came knocking with emotions and memories I would rather forget. 

Last night my old self came knocking!
I had tried to hide behind the over, intelligible words I utter:
Trying to banish a part of me that can neither be killed or locked away for too long. 

Last night you came knocking!
I had tried severally to slaughter you 
But you proved immortal 

Somebody save me from myself
I am losing me! 


 ©️ 2021 Hannah Oyedele. All Rights Reserved

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