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 Olujinmi Flourish

It's not all the time you say to the mountain "MOVE", that it will move and it's not all the time you "WALK" through the sea that you won't sink.

The reason is that sometimes that Mountain isn't for you to MOVE but for you to CLIMB ON and that sea isn't for you to WALK through but for you to SWIM through.

In climbing the mountain, you'll know how high it is and you'll know the pains of having to climb it, if you really wanna get to the other side, you gotta climb the mountain to get to see the view on other side.

In swimming through the sea, you'll get to see what is in it and you'll sure learn to breath in it cause if you don't you can't see the end of it.

We all have mountains and seas in our lives, they represent the challenges and problems that we have to go through and if we'll come out of them Victorious depends on how we handle them; that is whether we deal with our problems or we let them deal with us.


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