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Omoshalewa Daodu

My mirror, my reflection
Who I am and what I look like 
Stares back at me
The mind is a mirror of our thought
When I look into the mirror
I see the real me
I see a woman who has managed
To gain a little confidence
A girl who is scared 
Of what tomorrow may bring
Would it be bad?
Would it be good?
Only God knows

When I look into the mirror
I see scars of my past
Only hoping the future will be better
I do not forget the good times though
I give thanks to God 
For sparing my life

My mind is a mirror 
One that reflects my thought
Both the good and bad ones
It's a place I can be 
Anything I desire 
It's where my darkest secrets
Have been buried
Where there is nothing
But who I am.


© 2021 Omoshalewa Daodu. All Rights Reserved

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