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What's black?
Tell me what is white
Is it not the reflection of what light you see through?
Is it not the about the type of spectacles you use?
Is it not about what direction you look?

Who is white and who is black?
Tell me young man!!!
Is what makes you see black not the absence of the Light
Tell what your definition of light is.
I talk not of the physical light which soon be no more.
I mean Light by the Word, the Word of God.
And the light shines in darkness
And darkness can not overcome it.
Take away the light and darkness covers your heart
And out of the abundance of your heart will you see.

Little wonder you see God as either black or white.
Who Bewitched you?
Have you not read that he created man in His image.
Male and female created He them.
When will you receive the Light which doesn't discriminate
and trust no more in the physical light will does deceive?
When will you receive the light that lights every man
black/white, red/brown, yellow/orange?
When will you do away with the old and deceptive spectacles
And embrace with gusto the Light of Christ.


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