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Hug Your Haters

 Ifeanyi Benny

A Jay Baer’s philosophy: a 250 words summary

Most times, we tend to get defensive or would rather ignore negative feedbacks online and offline. In the video, Jay Baer shared an interesting perspective on why customer service by embracing their negative feedback especially in today’s digital media landscape is important.

He gave a lot of insight on why negative feedbacks should be appreciated as they are the “middle meh” of every business. 

Here are a few insights I got from the short video;

1. Not answering complaints can make a bad situation worse. When you reply, it shows that the brand care. It is a chance to rebuild customers’ confidence and improves customer advocacy.

2. Response time plays a huge role in customer experience. A swift, detailed accurate response within the hour is all it takes.

3. There is a relationship between great customer service, customer retention, and business growth. According to a study conducted, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase the profit margin by at least 25%. This is because every negative feedback is a chance to improve your business. We should always remember feedbacks are the petri dish of operational success.

4. Lastly, the rule of reply only twice. One should never ever answer somebody online more than twice. The internet can be a speculator sport at times and you don’t want to get caught in a contentious dialogue for the world to see.

With Jay’s framework, any business can truly deliver outstanding remarkable customer experiences. Haters are not the problem…ignoring them is. 

You can watch the video here>>>

Hug Your Haters

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