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 Akinboade Elijah

“God when?” is a general question people do ask especially when they see others succeeding in their career, finance, relationship, education etc. They lament, saying “God when?”, whereas the question should be directed to ourselves. Since God created us in his own image, that gives us power to create the life we want for ourselves. There are people that are atheist, everyone to his religious beliefs. The reality is that human beings limit themselves most time and put the blame on others, sometimes including God.

During the moment of creation, according to Christian beliefs, neither did God sit down lamenting about darkness nor cross his arms watching his spirit moving around on the surface of water. He didn’t complain but commanded the light to exist, and it was so. Instead of sitting down letting what he hates to rule, he dealt with what he wasn’t pleased with by taking action. Human beings are expected to emulate God inasmuch as they are created in His image.

One can’t be sitting down jobless without any skill invested somewhere and expect to be rich by just sitting in his/her room praying. We do say “God when?” without even doing our part for God to answer our prayers. He isn’t a magician but a miracle worker. A person that needs blessing has his or her own part to take instead of playing around. God can’t be mocked. Whatever man sows, so shall he reap. 

When Adam and Eve realized they were both naked, they made aprons from leaves first, that was where creativity started, later God made better covering for them. Sometimes God himself want us to do something first to show that we are ready, seeing our effort he comes to help. Heaven helps those who helped themselves. Human being was created to be god, giving them the power to live the type of life they dream, and God does intervene when human reaches limit of his or her power.

Until we looked deep inside ourselves to see where we are missing it as a person and stop pointing fingers to others, or thinking it is God that is delaying us we might not achieve our dreams or fulfill destiny. Those that fulfilled greatness don’t sit down crossing their arms lamenting “God when?” You need a spouse? Go out, meet new people and hang around people of same mind where you can get your spec, then pray to God if he or she is the right person (to those that believe in such). Human being can’t just decide to be lazy and put the blame on God.

We need to stop lamenting “God when?” but to do our part, and commit the rest we can’t do to God’s hands. Sometimes, we need to direct the question to ourselves, knowing when we are doing it wrong. That is why God created us with brain to be problem solver. One of the problems is that we refuse to take action thinking God will do that for us. Stop lamenting “God when?” every time. You are a god! Do your job as a god and create the life you want for yourself! You have the power of creation inside you.


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  1. Bro..more wisdom from above...keep up with the good work...

  2. I love your instinct bro.
    More Grace and knoleknow to u

    From Favour. Anambra


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