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Bundle of Joy


I long to ride a bike,
 Dance, whistle,
Feel young and know
 that I'm free. 
Caged in the cage of love.
 My heart longs to feel young.

To roll like a dice,
To play and travel,
To think less and work more
To be beautiful from inside out,
To stay young.

What a feeling of freedom! 
Wishes are fairly tale indeed. 
I'm trapped with loneliness, 
With pain and anguish.
But since I can see, there's hope!
I rejoice.

I rejoice and I'm strengthened.
His joy remains my strength.
I let go of everything sometimes
 and just breath.
Breathe in his words
 and out my worries:
I'm young and therefore free.

What right have you, to confess this. 
How could you dare to say, 
you're free, 
When thought and maturity 
are prison without crime. 

I want to breath, 
Though it seems like it's not working. 
I thought air is free. 
Find yourself under pressure 
and dare say this again.

The pressures can be adjusted,
They can be properly balanced 
when we understand;
That all the hustle and bustle of life will only amount to one thing in the end,

So my peace is assured,
  I rest knowing what to do. 
I find time in my struggle 
and ride my bike
 and dance feeling young again. 
What can peace not do?

Woke up to realize it's vanity indeed. 
Life can be deeper than an ocean. 
It depends if you could find someone to hold on to, when you drown. 
Have you found?

One time I thought I found someone.
I was convinced we could ride life together like it's a bike.
We fell out, paths don't match
We grew apart.
We're young and trailing different paths.

Life could be like that. 
Deep sometimes. 
Confusing though,
But you don't want to give up looking?
Because I just found.  
What a bundle of joy!

I know they're everywhere;
People to run and laugh with,
Shoulders to rest on,
I will find, endless joy would be the result.
Seek and you will find, I take these words personal.

Have rest friend. 
Don't push it. 
Though it's rare but not difficult.
I rest in at his feet. 
The only one I found. 
Always reliable. 
Joy so endless. 
I found him!

Bundle of Joy

© 2021 Danny 💜. All Rights Reserved

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