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What your eyes say

 Doyin Ajayi
___________ __

Slightly slanted, coal black
Burning with fierce passion,
Almond-shaped, piercing gaze,
Stoic, dogged and willful.

Luminous blue, skies for eyes,
Warm, homely and intense,
Cool as ice, clear as the Styx
Pleasures and wisdom in one.

Glassy grey, bearing ashes,
Stormy, gunmetal for eyes,
Cauldron of bridled emotions,
Silvery, smooth and sleek.

Greenish hues, the colour of earth,
Bright, cold neon lights,
Lively, sparky eyes,
Full of life and zest.

What your eyes say

© 2021 Doyin Ajayi. All Rights Reserved

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