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What's Life?

The Osmosis

Is it the new and blazing sun of inspiration that soon sets
Or, a cloud-filled nights of affliction?
Is it the saintly appearance of my apparel
Or the sobriety of my inner self?
Is it the gainful patience to forbear
Or the very instantaneity of *the untamed?
Is it the shortness of time unnoticed
Or, the taciturnity of eternity?
Is it about the heap of fortunes in my treasury,
Or the selfless demeanor of my pocket?
Is it about the wins of the moment
Or the unbending zeal to fail and fail?
Is it what my father's father told him
Or what my primordium shall yet reveal?
Is it about the enchanting nature of love
That turns dovelike a lionheart?
Is it about the picayune moments of love
Or the sempiternal reigns of hate?
Is it being swift to cut the Gordian knots
Or the tardy yet invaluable *lots?
Is it about the cry of the motherless
Or, the joyful soul of the yet indigent friends?
Is it about the harmony of melody
Or the flattery of jungly discords?
Is it about you or me
Is it about this life?
No, it is about Christ
It is about Jesus
The gracious Saviour.

What's Life?

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