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 Gloria Koya
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He gazed upon her
And gave her the name - Woman
A creature of rare beauty she was
A total and an exquisite wonder!

She was graceful and strong 
Like a diamond 
That started as coal
And turned into a gem

She was meek and peaceful -
The softer shade of blue
None there was before her
Sweeter than the tender rose

But like an innocent rose stung by thorns,
She was bitterly hurt!
Too afraid for it to be seen,
She quietly hardened to the world

The tinkle faded from her laughter
The gleam in her eyes went into coma
She was sadly missed
She was almost extinct

She was a survivor, but still...
Somehow beneath her gloss, she wept.
She was on a love deficient diet
that had turned anorexia for the soul

Daily, she mourned for the passing of hope
That usually wrapped her
like a warm blanket 
On cold freezing nights 

But there came her Prince!
He.. The fur she curls up in and feels warmed
He designed her cycles and systems 
So it wasn't difficult to bond 

His uniqueness charmed her
His sameness gave her comfort
She surrendered and 
hummed the vows all night long to him

The fragrance of their love rose through the air
And explored the heavens
The angels were awed and the stars glistened 
As if their eyes were wet with tears

It was the fusion of two souls
With the rumbling thunder of the Master's approval 
The clouds and all in it cheered them on
This was the wedding of the universe!

She fixed her heart to his 
In the aura filled with the long-missed love
The lightning cracked a chorus 
As they both stared into each other's souls 

He stripped her rose of its thorns
And gently leaved her petals 
Her gloomy face got lighted 
Her vanishing smile regained its strength.


© 2021 Gloria Koya. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. This is excellent!!. The definite picture of a man's union with Christ.. you're doing well sweetheart.


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