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 Rachael Barbara
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He said we'd end in flames if I can't scratch the blames
My fears keep burning bright as the sun
He loves the flames at night 'cos he's the flame of knights
My knight in armour, my light in the dun

He said his flames were real, he said that fears I'd feel
The lights are gone and narrowed to one
His flames are set to kill, his love is set to heal
The one I chose invigored by none So what my hands are tied! So what his flames are wild

I know he'll burn our love back to life
Remote his heart tonight maybe it'll dim the fright
And if I, fail the flames would just thrive
They call him king of games, Medival king of flames
Pull up the gates and bring in the hive
He's victor of the war his flames up in a roar
'Cos he's my Pyro flame of life.


© 2021 TheDarkEmpress | Rachael_Barbara. All Rights Reserved

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