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The Girl Child

 Kazeem Taiwo

I am the person that's important yet wholly underestimated
I am the gender that possesses all grace yet seems to be graceless
I am the origin and the conclusion
I am the one that makes or breaks
Yet it seems like I am powerless because my voice has always been stolen
I am the beautiful one yet I am perceived as ugly by many
I am the original yet they make me into a fake to suit their needs
I walk with my head held high but my own and their own find a way to break my will thus lowering my pride
I do everything to please them yet they say it's not enough
That I should be more tolerant
I work harder than they ever do and they say that I will never be as good as them
I have done everything, will do everything
Bearing pains that would kill a man
Giving my life for one of my own and their own
Yet I am never appreciated
If they do something wrong it's okay but,
in my case I should be better than that.
I am the girl child that will morph into a woman
I am the one that will start to take charge and do whatever pleases me
Damning society in the process
I am the one that decides to better than the situation I find myself in
I am the future that was once obscure but now filled with a blank mural waiting to be filled in with paint of different colors.
I am hope and faith alike.

The Girl Child

© 2021 Kazeem Taiwo. All Rights Reserved

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