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Teens Time

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I grew up thinking I was never valuable. I was never jealous of anyone. I just wished I was like them - since it was so painful to be rejected by your own parents, always comparing you to others.

I grew up thinking my life would be based on people's happiness and what they believe is true; unfortunately, I had my life to live, I needed to make myself happy and, no one will tell me that.
Very early in secondary school, I was beaten up by a girl, of an issue I knew nothing about. Because I was weak, she had her way. On that day, I practically cried myself to sleep. And who is to blame?

I met people, though I was scared of people. I loved my own space but, depression was finding it way to my heart and gradually I was given in. Sucide came to thought, life became strange. There was no hope, I was just a walking corpse. After meeting with people who could help. I found out a very strange truth I would tell you.

The teens time is a time we would never get the opportunity to live again. A time that would come and go forever. Make your boundaries and protect your sanity; it saves stress and keeps the mind at peace. Always be happy. No one is permitted to make you angry unless you permit it. Dare to soar!

I had this word everyday in my head, and funny enough I have been living life to the fullest. 


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