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On a day like everyday, you're one…

 Olayinka Olarinoye
____ _____

I'd always place crowns
there where doubts ravage;
& I'd always say so little to you
on days when we swear oath to silences.

If today, you see this,
I hope you'd grab a duster
& rid yourself of all the doubts you carry;
& all the fears and tears you out of matrimony married...

I hope you'd step out today
in all of that glorious glory;
in steps that'd rock the world savvy,
& with all of that self-assured drama…

I hope that you'd more than this poem
pour out all of that love to the world
& take only the best of the same back,
cos' you're the one to everyone. The best.


On a day like everyday, you're one…
© 2021 J. Olayinka Olarinoye (Epiphany). All Rights Reserved

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