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My Letter to Silence

 Olujinmi Flourish
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Dear Silence,

In you I find my being, in you I'm alone, in you my problems and guilt hunt me, in you I fight my quiet battles alone. In you my subconscious wages war against me; in you, all seems to stop for a moment like the calm before the storm.

Recollecting and gathering my thoughts is quite hard but, in you I do that comfortably even though they are scattered far and wide. Your presence is embracing and guilt free but there's danger lurking in you and only the determined will get to truly enjoy you.

The best time you're most welcome is at the middle of the storm when all seems to be crashing and crumbling like a pack of cards. You bring stillness to turbulent situations, you engulf turbulence like a perfect fit and your intervention is always welcome in it. 

You speak volumes even though you're considered mute, your voice is like velvety on the skin; soothing and comfortable.

O Dear Silence, I so much love your presence, even in the middle of turbulence you assure me nevertheless that there will come a time I'll embrace your presence with happiness.

        Yours Dearly,
            Your Lover.

My Letter to Silence

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